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GECAN Meetings: for 2021 GECAN have shifted meetings to Wednesday evenings at 7.30pm. We expect that meetings will occur every 2-4 weeks. Contact hello@gecan.org.au for details, or respond to the next event in our Facebook group.

10-May-2020 – “Glen Eira Declares a Climate Emergency 54 days into lockdown | Spotlight on Community Action” – Climactic podcast episode, interviewing Elinor Hazenfratz, Jewish Climate Network and Belinda Haydon, Glen Eira Climate Emergency Network.
Links to the:
Climatic podcast episode
Bonus episode of Climactic, with highlights of the council meeting
Climactic website
Jewish Climate Network

06-May-2020 – Glen Eira Declares a Climate Emergency!
Link to the article and media release on the council website.

05-May-2020 – Glen Eira Special Council Meeting, where Councillors discussed and voted on a) a climate action plan (Environmental Sustainability Strategy) and b) declaring a climate emergency.
Links to the:
Council meeting agenda
webcast recording of the Council meeting